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Let us now answer the many questions that may arise:

During my years in optometric practice, many of my patients have asked me the following questions. Naturally, I am not a medical practitioner, neither is it in our code of ethics to diagnose. As a profession, we draw a strict line between observing and referring. Therefore, I shall quote medical authorities, along with some of my observations. I only ask that you accept that which you believe, and disregard that which you disbelieve. The questions will all relate to "hard water" and its relation to our aging diseases.

Q.    In regard to your visit to Hunza, in your opinion, what was their main secret of longevity?

A.    There is no secret to longevity. However, I did observe the following. They ate most of their fruits and vegetables raw and raised them on organic soil. Fruits and vegetables are about 90% natural water of exceptionally high purity. Along with that, they drank glacier water which is very low in inorganic minerals. Wine was their main beverage, which again is comprised of natural water of very high purity. So their percentage of distilled water quality was 90% greater than ours. I consider this an important secret which I nearly missed.

Q.    Do you advocate raw fruits and raw vegetables?

A.    Indeed I do. A live body should have a live food! Plant a carrot and it will grow. Cook a carrot, then plant it. It will not grow, because its life's principle has been destroyed. Place cancer cells in a cooked media and they will proliferate. Now place the cancer cells in a raw matter and they will disappear! This astounding fact is known to the Cancer Society, but the public was never informed. By all means, get a good vegetable juicer. Through trial and effort I located a tremendous juicer-it answered my needs for a lifetime!

Q.    Will distilled water cure arthritis?

A.    According to medical science, there is no sure cure for arthritis. Arthritis is partially caused by mineral deposits in the joints. X-rays will show the mineral deposits very clearly.  These deposits crystalize to irritate the joints as they move, causing severe pain and swelling. Since the average person drinks up to 450 glasses of mineral solids found in hard water during a life span, it is logical to assume that these inorganic minerals were slowly deposited in the joints through the years, causing the arthritis. Distilled water, in turn, dissolves these mineral deposits. Several years ago, 1, too, was arthritic. At the age of 70, 1 could still kick as high as my head. It feels wonderful to be agile, and painless. Paavo 0. Airola, N.D., in one of his early books, states: "There is a cure for arthritis." He reports the case in a Swedish clinic: "Albin Vistrand, a Swedish farmer, was so crippled by arthritis he could hardly move his arms and legs. Twelve years of treatment with prosthetic devices, drugs and X-rays had availed nothing. Yet, after only one month at the Brandals Clinic, his pain vanished, his limbs regained mobility and he went home to work on his farm-completely cured."

Q.    What was their method of cure?

A.    Live fruit and vegetable juices, fasts and warm baths with gentle massage. Again, your live juices are distilled water. The principal point to remember is that hard water carries inorganic minerals into our bodies, whereas distilled water carries them out. You must reverse this process. It's that simple.

Q.    What is your opinion of Dr. Jarvis and his honey and vinegar treatment for arthritis?

A.    It's wonderful. Only he should have suggested distilled water instead of hard water. Apple cider vinegar is a tremendous solvent. Along with distilled water, you have an unbeatable team. Add a tablespoon or two of raw apple cider vinegar [procured at specialty food stores] to a gallon of distilled water to give it flavor and you have a drink fit for the gods. Vinegar removes water spots from the windows, which proves what an excellent solvent it is. As to honey, it is predigested natural sweet. It will lessen your craving for synthetic sweets. Incidentally, raw honey is most excellent for allergies. Dr. W. Peterson, Ada, Oklahoma, said that raw honey is an effective cure for 90% of all allergies, providing this raw honey is obtained within a ten-mile radius. The above fact is most important! Dr. Peterson had 22,000 patients across the nation who were using raw honey. Only raw honey is of any value. Raw honey is available through local beekeepers, health food stores, or at some supermarkets. If it sugars-it's raw honey. Now, you can say "goodbye" to your allergies!

Q.    I have hardening of the arteries. Is there a cure for it?

A.    Medical science would give a qualified "no." They classify it as an "aging" disease. Arteries are invisible to X-rays unless there are mineral deposits along the artery walls. They then show up very clearly. This proves one point, that mineral deposits do occur along the artery walls. That is the reason they "harden." Also, this is another reason why they lose their elasticity and rupture after a sudden exertion. Could it be if we switched to distilled water at an early age, this dreaded condition would never exist? Captain Diamond thought so, and lived to the biblical age of 120 years. A close friend of mine hoped to have a coronary artery transplant. When the surgeon examined his coronary artery, he found it [in his words] "hard as cement." There was no way to attach an elastic artery to a "cemented" artery. Could distilled water during his younger years have avoided this? Dr. Landone's experience says yes.

Q.    Does hard water affect everyone alike?

A.    Definitely not! Of the 106 different chemicals and minerals found in water, each person may become acceptable to one or more, or a combination of them. Mineral deposits settled in different parts of the body, causing different symptoms. If mineral deposits film the intestinal walls, it could result in constipation. If they clog the screening system of the kidneys, it could result in a kidney transplant or kidney stones. If they corrode the heart chambers or valves, a transplant could be necessary. Water rushing swiftly through a pipe can still corrode the pipe. Speed makes no difference. A glass of water may look clear and sparkling, but spill it on a mirror, let it dry, and film remains!

Q.    How do you determine hardening of the arteries?

A.    How does the physician determine when a person has hardening of the arteries? The retinal vessels are seen by looking into the eye with an opthalmoscope. Arteriosclerotic vessels are corkscrew in appearance. Whenever a hardened artery crosses a soft vein, the latter appears to be indented or nicked. A diagnosis of arteriosclerosis can be made in this situation. X-rays of the chest, abdomen, or extremities offer reliable evidence. Thickened and tortuous vessels are demonstrated on the film when there is calcium in the walls. The physician assumes that arteriosclerosis exists in older people and most of us probably have a patch here or there. Traces have been found in postmortem examinations on infants and teenagers. Calcium deposits do exist within our artery walls. "Most heart attacks stem from blockage of an arteriosclerotic coronary artery. This is true especially of persons suffering an attack of coronary thrombosis. These symptoms are direct evidence that the condition exists. We do know that the coronary arteries are most susceptible to the hardening process. As a result, they may be involved long before those of the brain, eyes, kidneys or limbs."

Q.    Does lecithin have any merits?

A.    Lecithin is a fatty acid found in animal tissues, especially nerve tissue, semen, yolk of egg, and in small amounts in bile and blood. Lecithin is said to have been given in rickets, dyspepsia, neurasthenia, diabetes, anemia and tuberculosis, according to a standard Medical Dictionary. Lecithin also acts as a solvent for gall stones. It would then be wise to combine lecithin with distilled water for greater effect. Lecithin can be purchased in capsule form from most natural food stores. This is a good preventative before gall stones form. It is then important that you remain under doctor's care to avoid any blockage. Your doctor is a very important consultant for your health problems.

Q.    Surely tested city water ought to be good to drink!

A.    Grand Island, Nebraska had a severe water problem when I was an area practitioner. When a local meat packing plant was closed down, due to staining of meat by iron and manganese, the seriousness of the problem was brought to the attention of the city. The cry then arose, "What will this water do to children and adults?" The cost of a 50 megawatt steam generating unit was about $17,572,937 at the time. What a price to pay to remove the minerals from their drinking water. How much better to have a home distilling unit now.

Q.    Is fluoridation healthful or harmful?

A.    Dr. Robert Mick of Laurel Springs, New Jersey, has offered $100,000 to anyone who could prove fluoridation is healthful! At first an ardent believer of fluoridation, he began experimenting with animals. As a result, he learned that bones, teeth, kidneys, livers and spleens had accumulated up to 500% more fluoride than controlled animals. Cripples were born to the third generation! His reward has never been challenged. Dr. E. H. Bronner, Escondido, California, a nephew of Albert Einstein, offered $100,000 to anyone who could prove that fluoridation was beneficial to humans. Fluoridation not only hardens teeth, it also hardens the arteries and brain, and the same compound is used as a rat poison. An estimated 88 million pounds of rat poison shipped to our water systems for human consumption are not colored blue or marked poison. Only fluoride which goes to exterminators must be colored blue, or the supplier goes to prison. Fluoridation of public drinking water is criminally intolerant, utterly unscientific, and chemical warfare. Thank heavens, distilling water will remove these deadly fluorides!

Q.    What are some of the fringe benefits of distilled water?

A.    Tea has more flavor. Coffee requires one-third less granules. Ice cubes are crystal clear, foods digest much better and vitamins assimilate easier and become more effective. The body derives more nutrients out of foods and the corpuscles carry greater loads of oxygen, so important to cell life. Foods keep much better and longer [On soft water cattle produce 20% more milk and cream on 20% less fodder and the milk tastes much sweeter, with less bacteria. This is based on Emmett Culligan's research.]

Q.    What does distilled water do for emphysema?

A.    According to Merck's Manual, it is very difficult to diagnose all forms of emphysema. In all cases corpuscles cannot come to the surface of the lungs to discharge carbon dioxide and to return with oxygen. Even children have patches of mineral deposits somewhere in their tissues. Dr. Brown Landone, stated that often mineral deposits surround cells and imprison them so they cannot function. X-rays show such deposits along our joints, and along artery walls. Perhaps such patches, accentuated by heavy smoking, could so seal the surface of the lungs that a condition of emphysema could exist. The condition could be much like spraying kerosene over a stagnant pond to keep the larvae from coming to the surface. The theory advanced by Dr. Landone is that inorganic minerals do form somewhere in our bodies. In Dr. Landone's case, the minerals deposited formed themselves in his heart valves. After drinking distilled water for several years, his heart was perfect. He lived to the age of 98. Whether this applies to emphysema is not for me to say. Many readers have written to me about its merits. Since Dr. Landone lived to the age of 98, 1 had better lean in his direction.

Q.    What effect does distilled water have on cancer?

A.    Again, according to Dr. Landone, "Hard water seals each cell with a film, so oxygen cannot reach the imprisoned cells. Nature then develops new cells which thrive on less oxygen. These cells are called cancer cells. Distilled water often frees the imprisoned cells and allows the oxygen to reach the cells." Does it not seem logical that a lifetime intake of distilled water could possibly have very beneficial effects?

Q.    What can distilled water do for obesity?

A.    Dr. Landone stated emphatically that anyone drinking distilled water exclusively would eventually return to normal weight. The reason: hard water film imprisons the cells so tissues become water-logged. Retention of fluid is the chief cause of obesity. Distilled water again breaks the cell barrier and the body weight returns to normal. Dr. Landone kept his weight perfect throughout his 98 years. Weight watchers will lose weight, regardless of present diet, if they will include from four to six glasses of distilled water a half hour before each meal. It works wonders. Why not try it!

Q.    How can I drink distilled water on my coffee break?

A.    I had this same problem, but solved it quite simply. I have distilled water in my office. Before I go out on my coffee break, I drink several glasses of distilled water. I then order a cup of coffee, and sip a little off the top. Coffee breaks are for conversation and a change in routine. On a trip, I carry several bottles of distilled water with me. If I go on longer trips, I pack my portable electric still, and have my own water from any tap. When I traveled in foreign countries under the sponsorship of Art Linkletter, I contracted dysentery so badly I was disabled for several months. Finally, Campbell's tomato soup cured my dysentery. My water still could have prevented this. What a boon for world travelers! Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings. We often wonder why streams are so bitter, when we ourselves have poisoned the fountain.

Q.    What was Connie Mack's secret?

A.    Connie Mack, manager of the Philadelphia A's for nearly 30 years, reputedly would not allow his players to drink hard water under any circumstances. He would not accept any contract unless he could furnish his men with distilled water, and on some occasions, low-mineral mountain water. Distilled water kept his players free from constipation and in perfect health. Seldom did his pitchers have sore shoulders due to hard water mineral deposits in their joints. If your aspiring pitchers consider the big leagues as a career, let them remember Connie Mack's secret. Connie, too, kept his perfect health to the age of 90.

Q.    Do babies need distilled water?

A.    Indeed they do! Many doctors insist on it. Babies are born free from pollutants, and small amounts of pollutants to an unadapted baby can be serious. Their formulas should include distilled water. Prickly heat or rash are caused by hard water deposits left on diapers and clothing. Often small amounts of nitrates can be fatal to a newborn child.

Q.    What will distilled water do for my complexion and scalp?

A.    I recall a large house-to-house cosmetic company that went broke. Their amazing success was due to one simple product: perfumed distilled water. A cotton ball was saturated with this preparation to clean the pores. The patrons were so excited about this preparation, they asked what was in it. As soon as they discovered the truth, they made their own. Hard water will seal the pores, much as it spots windows. These spots are visible under black light. No wonder we have so many skin infections, pimples and other eruptions! Switch to distilled water, with non-detergent soaps, and many complexion problems will vanish.

Q.    Can animals and wildlife tell the difference?

A.    Place the nine different kinds of water before a goat and he will pick out the distilled water. You can't fool him. Birds given distilled water will return year after year. Thoroughbred horses have lost many a race due to changes in water. The late great race horse, Secretariat, drank only distilled water. A breeder of thoroughbreds from San Diego told some amazing stories about his own horses. Acres U.S.A. has numerous case reports on the value of pure water in animal production. Whenever possible, distillation is prefer-red. If more race horse owners knew this simple secret, they could have fattened their purses many times.

Q.    Does hard water affect appearance, taste?

A.    Here is a curious twist in the food department ... certain vegetables like peas, beans and legumes are effective water softeners! They absorb a certain amount of the mineral hardness in the water, becoming wrinkled in appearance. In turn they lose as much as 50% of the valuable nutrients [B11. Coffee and tea are also affected in that not enough true flavor comes through because of the hardness content in water, which explains largely the reason for the different taste from one place to another.

Q.    Some writers advocate calcium found in hard water. They say it is good for your heart, arteries and bones.

A.    The answer is very simple. If calcium is in the heart tissues, in the arteries and in the bones, it is good for you. However, if it is found on the outside, it is definitely not good for you. Hard water deposits its calcium and other minerals on the outside. The choice is clear!

Q.    Are others concerned about drinking water?

A. When I started my practice the only water-borne virus diseases were hepatitis and poliomyelitis. Today there are over one hundred! Sources in the literature would probably fill a booklet this size. The diagnosis of one river, the Connecticut, once revealed how foul our "fresh" waters have become. A random sample of the Connecticut disclosed disease bacteria including typhoid, paratyphoid, cholera, salmonella, tuberculosis, polio, anthrax, tetanus, plus countless other viruses. And that is not all. Repulsive parasitic life forms such as tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm, pinworm, and blood flukes were also present in abundance." John Dvorak [Omaha World Herald, August 29, 19701 made this statement: "Fish placed in the river near Omaha, Nebraska, had an unacceptable taste. Fish from between the mouth of the Platte and just above Kansas City tasted 'acceptable.' However, in the Kansas City area, river pollution perforated the skin of the catfish." Water samples taken from the Mississippi River below St. Louis were found to be so toxic that even when diluted ten times with clear water, fish placed in the mixture died in less than one minute.

Q    Do we need the inorganic minerals found in our water?

A.    Absolutely not! We get our organic minerals from the foods we eat. Fruits, grains, nuts, vegetables and meats supply all the minerals we need. The longest-lived peoples, such as the Hunzakuts in the Himalayas, the Vilcabamba in Ecuador, and the Abkhazia in Georgia (south Russia), live to fantastic ages. They drink glacier water, which checks out as single distilled water. If you would like a clearer understanding, let me put the gist of my book in a single paragraph. Pour a cup of tap water in a pan and boil it. The vapors that rise are pure distilled water. It is fit to drink. The spots that remain are inorganic minerals and chemicals-unfit to drink. Rain water will not spot your car. Tap water will. We do not want to drink water that "spots." Only the purest water free of all minerals and chemicals should enter our bodies. At one time our entire planet was covered with vapors, which condensed into rivers, lakes and oceans. As these vapors condense, they change into the purest water we can drink. A simple rule to follow is this: "If water 'spots,' it is unfit to drink. If it does not'spot,'then drink it."

Q.    Does distilled water leach organic minerals out of our systems?

A.    Of course not! "It is only inorganic minerals rejected by the cells and tissues of the body which, if not evacuated, can cause arterial obstructions, and even more damage. These are minerals which must be removed and which distilled water is able to collect." So said Dr. N. W. Walker, age 100. In the business of telling people how to live to be 100, he has track record. Living Health by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond confirm this finding.

Q.    What do the experts say?

A.    Experts say it will take 25 years and $70 billion to make a dent in our world pollutions. For our immediate relief, we need to go back to our organic gardens, raise our own beef, and distill our own water! If we wait-it may be too late. The fire of pollution keeps burning and destroying. To survive, we must act now! The prophet Isaiah graphically foretold of our day: "The earth is drooping, withering ... and the sky wanes with the earth, for earth has been polluted by dwellers on its face ... Therefore, a curse is crushing the earth, alighting on its guilty folk; mortals are dying off, till few are left." (Isaiah 24:4-6. Moffatt translation) . . . "even the beasts and birds and the very fish within the sea are perishing." (Hozea 4:3). 1 quote these from Our Polluted Planet, Ambassador College Press, Box 111, Pasadena, California 91101. Dr. Paul Bragg, who lived to 94, a life-long exponent of vibrant health, wrote a startling book, The Shocking Truth About Water, which should be studied by everyone. No hard water had ever touched his lips. He had the blood pressure of a 20-year-old youngster. Let me quote his first experience with hard water. "When I was a small boy, my father took me to the P. T Barnum Circus. The most fascinating freak to me was the lady who had turned to stone. Here was a woman on a bed, and they could actually drive spikes and nails into her body. She was so full of arthritis and acid crystals that she had no feeling left in her body. She lay helpless and rigid. She could move only her eyes. This lady suffered with complete ankylosis that is, there was no joint in her entire body that could make a simple movement. All the nerve tissues in her body were paralyzed and dead. The man who explained these freaks said that this lady was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The lady who had turned to stone was a complete mystery to me as a child. But not today! The water in Hot Springs is some of the heaviest water in the United States. I have seen analyses of it and the concentrations of calcium carbonate, potassium carbonate and magnesium carbonate are very, very high. The poor lady in the side show was a victim of this inorganic water. Her vital organs were not strong enough to help force those inorganic minerals out of her body, so they deposited themselves in her joints. This was an unusual case, of course, but I have seen many, many cases of arthritics who were complete cripples, absolutely helpless. There are more than 20 million people living in the United States today who have arthritis to some degree." Dr. Bragg was a shouting testimony on how to live in a 20-year-old body for 90 years or more. Was distilled water one of the factors? The choice seems clear! Why wait for crippling and aging disease? Why not start while young and avoid that which is sure to come? Youth is not measured in years-the future of everyone can be glorious, vibrant, and full of the adventure of achievement. Continued youth is within the reach of all hands. Health is like the air we breathe. We don't miss it until we are deprived of it. "Personal liberty is not a license to do whatever you wish, but freedom to do what you ought."

Q.    Why didn't so many of the early practitioners write down what they had to say rather than pass on their observations to you verbally?

A.    Thirty-five years ago a writing that contradicted official science was a one-way ticket to prison. Victor Irons went to prison for what he wrote about Green Life. Wilhelm Reich died in prison for his findings on energy outside the electromagnetic spectrum. The late Dr. Carey Reams spent his life and fortune defending his biological theory of ionization and spent time in prison just the same. Only recently has this judicial tyranny been lifted somewhat. We owe citations to many people, even though they didn't write.

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